We Condemn the Occupation of Ukraine and the Hypocritical and Discriminatory Policies Against the Occupation

9 days have passed since Russia's attempt to invade Ukraine. The uncompromising attitudes of the USA in the face of Russia's security concerns and Russia's view of a sovereign state as its right have led to a war in which Ukraine and the Ukrainian people were sacrificed.

The mentality that caused millions of people to die and become refugees by closing their eyes in Syria, Yemen,  Bosnia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, East Turkestan, Myanmar, which once turned Africa and the Middle East into a war zone, did not give a damn about the crimes committed by Israel and the step-by-step destruction of the Palestinian State  and international organizations such as the UN, EU and ICC today have put human rights imperialism into action for their political interests.

Civilization (!), which watched the seas, deserts, mountains and borders turn into refugee cemeteries under the name of “push back”, laments over the typology of “blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin” superior human beings, welcomes superior people with flowers from the borders it pushed back the African refugees by beating .

Unlike the previous ones, the oppressed of the wolves table today are Europeans. Those who send back the people they condemned to hunger and misery for the welfare of their own people to the countries they came from at the expense of watching them die, and those who sentence them to death at sea and at the borders, are entering the race of humanity this time. Those who open their doors to the Ukrainian people as it should be today deny even the right to life from Africans, Asians and Middle Eastern people, that is, people of different skin colors and religions. So much so that even Africans fleeing the war in Ukraine may be exposed to racism on the border of Poland, Hungary and Romania.

Those who remain bystanders to proxy wars in various parts of the world will condemn the innocent civilian populations to hunger and misery, even while punishing the aggressor today; they exhibit an extremism that will exclude artists, athletes, writers, musicians and journalists in various ways who do not speak out against their country.



     - While expressing again and strongly that we are against the occupation; we also owe it to criticize the attitudes put forward by making the occupation selective and turning human rights into an imperialist tool.

     - We expect international institutions such as the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, the European Union, the Interbank Financial Telecommunication Association (SWIFT) to take action against the occupation of Ukraine and other ongoing occupations.

     - We condemn the hypocritical and discriminatory attitudes of international institutions and states that are deaf and dumb when it comes to geographies that are not "them" within the concept of "us and them".

     - While finding it appropriate to take drastic measures to punish the aggressor, we consider unacceptable the extremism which sentences the masses of innocent civilians to hunger and misery; and that excludes artists, athletes, writers and journalists in various ways.



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