The Russian Federation's Attempt To Occupy Ukraine Cannot Be Acceptable

The armed forces of the Russian Federation started to occupy the territory of the State of Ukraine in the morning today.

From the images reflected in the media and international statements, it is seen that city areas where civilians live were bombed and civilian casualties were experienced.

First of all, it should be stated that for whatever reason, war is the worst choice for humanity. In the 21st century economic and social order, the "purpose of obtaining land" is the most primitive reason for war.

After the Second World War, the United Nations and the UN Security Council, which was established with the claim of being the guarantee of the national security of the peoples of the world, remained a spectator to the wars in many oppressed geographies, especially Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya and Syria, and today it is against the occupation of the Russian Federation for the sake of imperialist ambitions continues the same silence.

In the context of humanitarian law and international law of war, the victimization of civilians in military operations and military attacks on civilian areas are unacceptable crimes.

As MAZLUMDER, we openly express that any use of imperialist military force is unacceptable, we call on the Russian Federation to stop the war, we condemn the loss of civilian lives and attacks on civilian areas, and we declare that it is essential to comply with humanitarian law.





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