2023 Gaza Report: Genocide Witnessed Before the Eyes of Humanity

In Gaza, the greatest crime of genocide of our century is being committed by the occupying Israeli apartheid regime.

No effective intervention has been carried out in the face of attacks where a child is killed every ten minutes, where war crimes and crimes against humanity are systematically committed, and where all elements of genocide are realized. Especially in the United States and many countries in Europe, meetings and demonstrations in favor of Palestine have been banned, journalists silenced, celebrities oppressed, and attempts have been made to restrict social media. When it comes to Israel, there have been calls for all established categories of rights and institutions to turn a blind eye.

It is evident, as seen in the clear process of the recent genocide over the past two months, that international law and institutions, along with mechanisms for the protection of human rights, have become paralyzed. The genocide that unfolded in a live broadcast, which we were unable to prevent, has cast a strong doubt on all international institutions and mechanisms built with the aim of protecting 'human rights,' including the discourse on human rights. It has called into question their effectiveness.

Despite all the brave and assertive statements made by politicians, it is disheartening to witness that domestic legal processes are not being pursued, our criminal complaints within the framework of universal jurisdiction are not acted upon, there is no reversal of decisions such as the dismissal in the significant case of the Mavi Marmara, and political, commercial, and military relationships are maintained with the occupying regime openly engaged in genocide. Witnessing busy shipments in the ports further adds to our shame in the current context and time.

Being aware that there is no sterile discourse and practice of human rights, in our struggle within the framework of our own understanding of rights and freedoms, one of our most important endeavors is to identify and, if possible, permanently expose oppression. Our reports, being effective and enduring tools, not only prevent the forgetting of the past but also serve a constructive function for the future.

After the occupying Israeli attacks on Gaza at the end of 2009, massacres and the process were documented. Evidence of the use of chemical weapons was identified through on-site investigations in Gaza. These findings were certified by university reports and ultimately became the basis for our criminal complaints. In this report, we have once again approached the matter with the same diligence, endeavoring to make a historical notation through a study that aims to prevent the genocide from fading into oblivion.

I express my wish that our report serves as a catalyst for the cessation of occupation, human rights violations, and genocide in Palestine, leading to the prosecution and punishment of all those responsible.

Atty. Kaya Kartal

President of MAZLUMDER



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